Summer of Music

Sometimes in life you need to shake things up and when adventure comes calling answer the call! This past August I had the opportunity to spend the whole month solely dedicated to making music in NYC & Asbury Park, NJ. So often as musicians we have many side jobs on the go in order to support our art. It was a real pleasure to just focus on one thing - my music!

NYC is one of my all time favourite cities! The raw vibrant energy is very inspiring and there are so many different unique people in New York that you feel free to be your wild crazy self! While in the city I worked hard with my vocal coach Cari Cole doing vocal arranging & getting my songs ready to record. I've sung a lot on stage but singing in a recording studio is a whole different thing. I would take the L train to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to work with my co-writer Jay Stolar on re-writing the songs again & again until we felt that they were the best they could be. It's so important to me to take time with my songs so I feel that they tell a compelling story that connects deeply with the listener. All this pre- production work helped me get ready for recording with my producer in Asbury Park.

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I feel very lucky that I got to record my songs with the Grammy nominated producer Steve Greenwell who's worked with artist's like Joss Stone, Diane Birch and Andy Grammer. Steve's studio is located in the seaside town called Asbury Park. Asbury Park has a rich musical history many great rock 'n' roll bands have recorded & performed there like Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Jon Bon Jovi to name a few. From the sounds of the ocean waves hitting the Jersey shore to the live music floating out of the bars and down the street I felt very inspired while recording my music there. Not only are the songs sounding killer (I can't wait to share them with with you) but I learned so much from Steve during the recording process! It kinda felt like I was in music bootcamp this summer and I loved every moment of it! 

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