I've Had Enough...

I have a confession to make... this morning I was considering not writing a blog for January because I didn't know what to write. I had tried a few half baked ideas like writing a fresh take on New Years resolutions because everyone needs to read more about that, lol! 

While sometimes if you are patient enough inspiration comes your way. I've always been a very ambitious person. Even as a kid I had lists that I would count out on my fingers of all the fabulous careers I was gonna have - singer, actress, clothes designer, writer, interior decorator, dancer and the list goes on. I remember looking at the clock, bored in school as the hours dragged by, day dreaming in my head that if only I wasn't in class I could be working and doing what I loved. Adult life ain't that simple but I'm still a dreamer.

Some New Years I've jumped into goal setting with great enthusiasm only to find myself depressed by my lack of accomplishmentsI have been racking my brain and searching my soul for the secret formula to make this year different. I could bore you with a list of self righteous observations of what it takes to make the most of your year but I'm sure that you, like me, have had more than your fill of this kind of talk on Facebook and Twitter and on the cover of every magazine. Sometimes our lofty good intentions backfire and turn into heavy weights on our shoulders. Not a person I talk to now a days doesn't feel the pressure of too much of much. So I've decided to put my focus on a softer goal which is going to effect everything in my life. NO MORE BEATING MYSELF UP!!!

I've had enough of the constant critic living in my mind. It is perhaps the cruelest voice of all, echoing past hurts and shames, making me feel bad about all the mistakes I've made, all the chances I've missed, how I should be further along by now and then my personal favourite beating myself up for beating myself up for beating myself up, cause that makes sense?! This voice may never go away completely but if I can soften the volume, open my heart and take a step away from perfection I'm not only gonna be a lot happier, but I will feel lighter and healthier and that's gonna give me a lot more energy to go after my dreams!

Come on give it a try with me, what do you have to lose... ;)